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RuhmReich Sports Multi Family Office

Live your sport and we organize your life. As a competitive and professional athlete, you should have independent partners at your side who have no economic interests of their own with regard to your assets. While you are successful in your sport, we take care of all questions concerning your assets, tailored to your respective life situation.

Competence partner for sports professionals

We are committed to advising you on an equal footing, based on your individual needs. Values such as restraint, discretion and reliability, loyalty and fairness characterize our actions. We are free from bank-specific (product) interests. This ensures that the competent management of your assets is always tailored to your personal life situation. Why is this important? So that your assets are preserved - for yourself and for generations to come.

RuhmReich GmbH - Christian Leonhardt & Janek Baranowski

Advice, lifestyle & finance

We leave the choice of your club to you and your sports agency, and we'll be there to cheer on your sporting successes. Apart from sports, we advise you and your family e.g. on asset planning, analyze, monitor and control your assets (risk management) and offer you the corresponding reporting. We help you with credit & leasing negotiations, real estate services, estate and succession planning, offer administrative support, and insurance management (health & safety). We are also available for your secretarial and back-office organization including travel planning, consumer goods procurement and accounting.

Us - athletes & financial experts

Competitive sports & capital markets are our great passion. And - we love the intensive exchange with people. This is reflected in the way we meet our clients as well as in the cooperation with our cooperating experts.

We work for an exclusive circle of clients and offer a comprehensive family office setup - in short: we take care of everything so that you can fully concentrate on your sport and the little time besides sport on your family.

Our focus is to make it easier for you to handle your assets and the responsibility that comes with them, and to secure the existing values beyond your career and pass them on to future generations.

You decide - your rules!

Very important for us: You decide which areas you would like to hand over to us, but you also have the option to let us accompany only individual aspects of your life and wealth planning. Of course, everything happens in close cooperation with your sports management and/or your family.

We are your protective shield

We have no commission interests, offer full cost transparency, various remuneration systems and can offer several well-known banks as a management agency for your assets with the help of our cooperation partner. We believe that professional advice is based on objectivity and independence. Together we create a basis to understand your personal needs, with the goal to develop a long-term partnership from this understanding. This is the basis to support you and your family in all matters.

About us

You want to know more about us and our trusted partners? Gladly, preferably in a personal conversation. Get a first impression here.

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Our promise

Professional consulting
with objectivity & independence.

An independent, partnership-based consultation at eye level, aligned to your individual needs - always in close exchange with your athlete management and/or your family.

Our mission for you

Live your sport and
we organize your life!

While you are successful in your sport, we take care of all your challenges in the area of finances, security, upcoming legal and tax issues or your lifestyle in the background, tailored to your respective life situation.

Your advantage

Your strong team

We offer you exclusive access to partners and experts that are often only available to a handful of people.

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Your life

Organization & Lifestyle

We act as a "financial secretariat", overseeing and managing all aspects of your career - and beyond.

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Your future

Finance & Protection

Our goal is to help you manage your assets and the responsibilities that come with them, and to preserve value.

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